EE Products:

 Energy Enhancement Systems™ have developed their very own proprietary and highly effective invention that they utilize for creating and permanently embedding the “hyper-charge,” dense intentional, super conductive scalar effects into medallions, bracelets, and other products. This device plugs into their 16 unit EESystem and creates a focused and more intense field that provides an exponentially more powerful field than just the system alone allowing us to target and charge our products to carry and deliver the extraordinarily healthy self regenerating scalar field effects that have been lab proven to strengthen and enhance coherent DNA and cellular integrity and function. The EESystem™ alone has its benefits to items and we are able to dramatically enhance effects with an adjunct technology. Embedding the technology into our wearables allows for people to carry around a small amount of the bio active fields found in our technology. Stop in a check them out for yourself. Please be aware we accept Cash Or Check Only as payment.

EE Medallions

Medallions come in your choice of one stone with a black cord. Stone choices: Golden Tigers Eye, Blue Tigers Eye, Pink Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Black Obsidian, Pyrite, Zebra Jasper, Aventurine, Amethyst, White Jade, or Two (2) Mini White Jade.

Onyx Agate Duo

Available in Onyx Agate Duo (Dark) 7.5-inch Or 8-inch (Limited); Onyx Agate Duo (Light) 7.5-inch or 8-inch.

EE Bracelets

Available in Black Onyx (7-inch), Black Lava (7.5-inch, 8-inch), White Jade (7-inch, 7.5-inch), Pink Rose Quartz (7.5-inch), Peacock Druzy Agate (7.5-inch), Amethyst (7.5-inch), Labradorite (7.5-inch) Lapis Lazuli (7.5-inch, 8-inch), Red Tigers Eye (7.5-inch), Hawks Eye (7.5-inch, 8-inch)

Other Healing Products:

We have a variety of other products we sell that we feel are important in the overall health and healing of your body. Stop and check them out.


Nesa’s Hemp Extract is Living Hemp. It contains all the vital compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. Nesa’s works on a cellular level to support your body’s natural healing processes.

Earthing Elite® Mattress Covers

Earthing is to sync the body to the natural rhythms of the earth. We envision a future where everybody understands how essential it is to be connected to the earth in order to restore and maintain health.

Sea Salt Detox Bath

Sea Salt aids the body in detoxification. When sea salt is mixed/heated with warm water it releases negative ions and aids the removal of toxins from the body. This detox blend goes a step further.

Avini’s Plus Fiber is a natural, whole-food fiber drink mix accompanied with micronized and activated zeolite. Plus Fiber is scientifically formulated to help maintain healthy cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and support digestive gut health. Plus Fiber delivers a superior matrix of ingredients and fibers.

Avini Health is confident in the high-quality and effective products we provide to those who want fewer prescriptions and natural solutions.

Cell Defender is the only micronized and activated zeolite colloidal suspension in the world. It is the original colloidal clinoptilolite zeolite product and is supported by over a dozen clinical studies – including trials published in peer-reviewed journals. The zeolite is like a tiny, negatively-charged cage that pulls in a variety of toxic substances in the body and forces their excretion. This includes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc…) as well as volatile organic compounds (benzene, dioxin, etc..). This process results in a healthier environment throughout the body as a cleaner and healthier body fixes itself

Plus Relief is believed to work by targeting some of the same receptors on nerve cells that are also recognized by nicotine. These receptors are found in nerves outside the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and they are also found on cells of the immune system. Specialized proteins in Plus Relief block the action of acetylcholine, a major stimulating neurotransmitter in the nervous system and activator of the inflammatory pathways. As a result, the pain and inflammation pathways are temporarily shut off.

Nano Silver is not like most silver. Most silver available on the market today contains silver ions. That type of silver is in an atomic state and has no crystalline structure. Our silver technology contains a nano-sized crystalline metallic core made of .9999 pure silver, surrounded by a silver-oxide coating (silver and oxygen combined together). This skin-like coating gives the silver its stability and unique properties unlike any other silver technology. 

Zmunity Mushrooms is a natural supplement comprised of micronized, activated zeolite (clinoptilolite) and a micronized blend of seven certified organic, non-GMO medicinal mushrooms. Research has shown that mushrooms provide a variety of health benefits that may include the following: · Increased longevity · Improved blood flow · Cholesterol and blood sugar normalization · Liver protection · Kidney support · Anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal · Improved respiratory function · Reduced risk for heart disease · Decreased platelet aggregation · Improved blood flow · Improved skin and hair The combination of micronized and activated zeolite with these micronized blends of mushrooms can help improve the immune system and your health.


Happy Healing Fenben® is quality tested and is free of contaminants.

These tablets are guaranteed to contain at least 750mg of fenbendazole and are best utilized when broken or crushed. They are scored for easy dividing

Fenben ® is a registered trademark of Happy Healing Inc. All rights reserved.

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